To Join the Florida Aero Club copy the form below and Mail to:

State Treasurer, Tom Inglima
2010 N W 114th Ave
Pembroke Pines  Fl  33026

Highlight between the orange stars below, copy and paste in your word processor, fill it out,
print it and mail with check.
OR copy and paste in an email fill it out and send to
State Treasurer .


Application Form


I hereby make application for membership in the Florida Aero Club, Inc.

Year 2014 State Dues:

New member introductory rate $20.00

Join after Nov you get the rest of the year plus the next year (New members only)   

Please print your information:

Chapter of choice- (circle one) Jacksonville /

North Perry  /   Ocala / Palm Beach  /  Stuart  /  Treasure Coast  /

Vero Beach  or At Large         PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

Name _________________________________Date _____________


City _____________________________ Zip _________________

E-mail Address ______________________  

Phone: Home (      ) _____________ Work (      ) ______________

Highest Rating Held: _____________________________________

Logged Hrs. __________________

Do you own an aircraft _________

Model: ____________________ N __________________________

Upon acceptance and approval of this appication. I hereby agree to abide by the Constitution
and By-Laws of the Florida Aero Club, Inc.

Mail to:

State Treasurer, Tom Inglima
2010 N W 114th Ave
Pembroke Pines  Fl  33026

(This application to be accompanied by remittance for membership dues.)



The FLORIDA AERO CLUB!  The dynamic group you've been hearing about!  Florida's
largest, fastest growing STATEWIDE Flying organization!

We have ONE purpose--FLYING, FUN & FRIENDSHIP.  Pilots socializing with Pilots!  The FAC
is non-profit, non-commercial and doesn't rent airplanes.  It is for Pilots and people who love
to fly and talk about airplanes.    It is a way to meet others with an interest in aviation in your
local area and statewide.   A way to explore the many airports both in and near Florida.   A
chance to learn from and teach each other, where the 'best' places to fly are located.  

FLYING is still the most exciting sport in the world!  The FLORIDA AERO CLUB amplifies this!  
For business or pleasure, the FAC helps you enjoy your plane.  We promote safety and are a
voice for Florida Pilots  Every member has a vote.

WHO BELONGS?  Students through Airline Pilots to Astronauts and just plain Aviation
Enthusiasts  Members are from ALL walks of life.  In the FAC, EVERYONE IS EQUAL!  Some
own planes; some rent.  We believe that Aviators are the greatest people on earth!  FAC is for
Husbands , Wives and Singles!  

GREAT FLY-INS...Some are local--then every 3 months there's a jubilant State QUARTERLY
Fly-In,  where ALL chapters converge--you meet other friendly Pilots from all over Florida!  
The 'Cruise Director" plans Fly-Ins, Pig Roasts, BBQs, Picnics and trips to the Islands!

MONTHLY MEETINGS! Always about FLYING; always interesting!  Getting acquainted is
easy.  Speakers are usually prominent aviation names.  And you'll like the FREE PILOT
SEMINARS that keep you proficient and up-to-date on procedures.  You'll stay informed by
Local  Chapter and State Newsletters!
PILOTS are wonderful and unique people !  In the FLORIDA AERO CLUB you'll meet some
GREAT pilots (and maybe some a little less than great) but ALL like the same things you do!  
ENJOY IT WITH US!  JOIN TODAY!  You'll be GLAD! And we'll be glad to have you.

Come join us in this Florida adventure.