North Perry Chapter  

     of the Florida Aero Club


President---------------Mike Punziano-----------954-966-5680
Vice President--------Eddy Fernandez--------
Treasurer--------------Patty Breslow-------------954-927-0208
Secretary--------------Tom Inglima----------------954-435-3737
Cruise Director-------
Arnold Breslow------------954-430-3261
Jim Scroggins-------------954-4546-7733w

Contributing Writer--------------------Jerry Crawford
Membership Chairman---------------
Jim Scroggins

Link To North Perry's Web Site  The North Perry Chapter of the Florida
Aero Club is a group that loves flying, getting together, and eating. Our
unofficial motto: We fly for food!

The primary purpose of our chapter is to get more people flying more
often while having a good time safely. We have monthly meetings where
the objective is always to have a good time and get to know each other.
We usually have a guest speaker or a special activity, such as our
annual auction and our annual holiday party. We have monthly fly-ins to
a variety of locations where lunch is usually the main activity.

Our Cruise Director, makes sure we always have a good time.
Occasionally we have overnight trips and we often get together for
informal flying activities.

We encourage and help members without airplanes available to fly with
one of our many members who do have a plane. On any weekend you
will usually find some of our members at North Perry working on their
planes, helping each other with maintenance activities, or just enjoying
each others company, while "hangar flying".

Our monthly newsletter, in addition to the FAC State newsletter, keeps
us up to date on the chapter activities.

The North Perry Chapter meetings are held the second Friday of the

The fly-ins are normally the third Sunday of the month. For information
on the next activity or membership, call Tony or Dee Restaino,

Membership Chair: James Scroggins, Phone (954) 966-5680


Winter Haven with Captain Mike, Crazy Eddy & President Jim from Dale Walter on Vimeo.