Calandar for 2019
Speaker        Topic        Dave Lehtonen        DFC Cross Society

Description:  The Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) Society is a national
organization of men and women who have earned the award.  The DFC is
awarded to any officer or enlisted member of the United States Armed Forces
who distinguishes himself by heroism or extraordinary achievement while
participating in aerial flight.  This chapter has written a book and will speak on
their heroic actions in time of war.                 

Speaker        Topic
No Meeting                
Speaker        Title        Chuck Mosley        Navy CDR (RET) /President

Description:  All Coast Aircraft Recovery Inc has been recovering & moving
aircraft since 1999. They have moved all types, models and series of aircraft
for numerous museum facilities and corporations all over the US.  
One notable is the famous EAA  B-29 “DOC” .

                              OCALA CHATTER

September 25, 2019

I would like to welcome back our members from the summer
vacation. Now on to business, President, Gary Winter brought the
meeting of the Ocala Florida Aero Club to order.  Gary led the
group in the Pledge of Allegiance, God Bless America, and
prayer.  The minutes were approved as published. We all enjoyed
a wonderful meal and fellowship.
There were six guests present, Woody and Sandra Miller, Frank
and Barbara McMillen, Dee Vaughn, and Joyce Garner, we are so
glad you came.  
The Fall State Fly-In will be October 18-20th, in Kissimmee, FL. It
will be a fun and interesting time.
There was a basket set up for donations for the Bahamas’ Relief
and $115.00 was collected.  Steve Rager made a motion to match
the money collected and the motion was seconded by Judie Betz,
the motion was carried, a check was given for $230.00.  A big
THANK YOU to everyone who gave.  
Officer elections will be coming up at the December meeting, if
anyone is interested in sharing their skills please let Gary Winter
The club Christmas party will be held on Wednesday, December
4, 2019.
Please see Judie Betz if you need a name tag.  Also remember
there are shirts for sale at business.landsend
.com/store/floridaaeroclub.  More information is available in the
State Aero Club newsletter.
The winner of the 50/50 was Frank McMillen ($35.00)
A motion to adjourn the meeting was from Steve Rager and a
second by Pete Putnam, President Gary Winter closed the

Our speaker was Lee Blankenship from Lima Bravo Aviation
Insurance.  Lee is a well-known aviation insurance agent in
Central Florida as well as other parts of the country.  While only
being established in 2013 it has been growing from day one.  She
provides aviation insurance to owners of all types of aircraft.
Lee pointed out in her presentation the changes, needs, and
challenges of the aviation insurance business.  There has been
an across the board rise in insurance premiums recently.  The
reasons, for that rise is the recent claims from flooding,
hurricanes, and other natural disasters.  As well as the loss of
insuring underwriting companies, there are now only fifteen in the
country left, and more are getting out of the business. It makes it
harder to get better rates for her customers.  There was a long
question and answer session.
Thank you Lee for all of the information you brought to us.

Sherryl Rager, Secretary
September, 25, 2019