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Cruise Director :  Bill Moore       652-693-2190       

ecretary:            SHERRYL RAGER,  


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Our speaker for tonight was Major Gary Stalnaker, Civil Air Patrol and he
currently serves as the Commander for Florida Wing, Group 2 Civil Air
Patrol.  Group 2 provides command, logistics, training, and operational
support for 19 squadrons including one here in Ocala.  Major Stalnaker
served as a cadet in Civil Air Patrol in the 80’s prior to joining the Navy
where he served in the Submarine fleet.  In 2008 Major Stalnaker decided
to re-join CAP as a senior member (Adult Officer) to “give back just a little
of what CAP did for him and his career.”
The CAP program is run by the Air Force and is involved in all facets of
the program.
Civil Air Patrol started in World War II to find and if possible sink
submarines along the coast line of America.  A bomb was placed on the
fuselage with rope and then would be dropped onto the submarine.  There
were two submarines sunk using this method.  Some adventurous pilots
would tow a banner behind their plane so that the Air Force pilots could
do target practice.  It took fifty years, but all of the World War II CAP pilots
were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.
Today CAP works closely with the local Sheriff’s departments and are
often called on to not only find lost or crashed air planes, but also to help
find people who become lost.  The CAP was the first non-combat aircraft
allowed over New York City after the 9/11 attack.  They also work closing
with Homeland Security and they train the Air National Guard to do low
and slow.  The only problem with this is that the Air National Guard does
not know that it is only a drill.  Some adventitious fighter pilot may
actually try to shoot down one of the CAP planes. Also CAP escorts
drones so that they can comply with see and avoid rules.
Major Stalknaker gave us a small look into the program and I’m sure he
has more information for those who would be interested in the program.
On the business side of the evening the minutes were approved as
posted.  Sharon Green gave her Treasurer report.
Bill Moore has set up an afternoon at Marion County Sherriff - Aviation
Facility and we will tour the Ocala International Airport KOCF on April 28
at 3:30 p.m.  Please let Bill know if you would like to go to this event.  
Information is also posted on www.socialflight.com.
Also remember on April 19-22, at the Ocala International Airport – Jim
Taylor Field, you can fly on the FORD Tri Motor.  This is hosted by EAA
Chapter 812.  For more information go to flytheford.org or call 1-877-952-
Judy Winter won the 50/50 and she won $30.00.
Steve Rager made a motion to adjourn and Jim Kuntz seconded it.