Millennial Chapter

Daniel Perez        

“ Hey! My name is Daniel Perez and I’m the president
of the Florida Aero Club Millennial Chapter. If you’re
an aspiring, or even an established, aviator looking to
meet a group of like-minded aviators and would like to
participate in fly-ins to time build and be part of a fun
community of pilots, I definitely recommend you join
our club! We are based at North Perry airport and
have acces to Wayman Aviation’s fleet for our fly-ins.
Some of Wayman’s well-trained CFIs have also
volunteered to participate in these fly-ins at no extra
cost to us! The Florida Aero Club consists of members
who have decades of experience in the aviation
industry and are very open to conversing with the
younger members and answering any questions. If
you’re interested in joining the Millennial Chapter,
please contact me privately and I’ll register you. “
Aug 14, 2020
North Perry Fly out to Vero Beach
             with the
     Millennial Chapter
         Aug 23, 2020
To see the millennials
at the state fly-in at
Vero Beach Oct 2020
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